Social Media Kit

Safe, effective prescription drug disposal is key in the fight to prevent prescription drug abuse, but so is our messaging. If you or your Coalition need inspiration to spread your message on social media, please use the sample messages below. Check back often, this list will be updated regularly. And don’t forget the hashtag #OhioRxDisposal!

Coalition/Community Messaging

  • Safe #RxDisposal is a priority for (Insert Coalition/Organization name)! Find disposal locations: #OhioRxDisposal
  • Safe #RxDisposal is important to me because (Insert personal reason) #OhioRxDisposal
  • Old, unused medicine may cause confusion for people who are already taking a large number of medications. Clean out your medicine cabinet and clear up the confusion! #OhioRxDisposal
  • Maybe you were too busy for #DEATakeBackDay, but don’t store those meds until next year. Log onto and find a permanent disposal location near you! #OhioRxDisposal
  • Disposing of your unwanted medicines through a permanent Rx disposal site or take-back event is the safest and most environmentally friendly way to get rid of unused medicine. #OhioRxDisposal
  • Find out where to drop off your expired or unused meds by clicking #OhioRxDisposal
  • Safely dispose of your leftover prescription medications #OhioRxDisposal
  • Make safe #RxDisposal part of your spring cleaning routine, to find a disposal location ear you log onto #OhioRxDisposal

DEA Take Back Day Messaging

  • DEA Take Back Day is Saturday, April 27, 2019. To find a location near you, log on to
  • The DEA’s Take Back Day events provide the opportunity to prevent prescription drug misuse, click below to find a collection site near you!
  • This Saturday you can dispose of your unwanted Rx drugs at a location near you on #DEATakeBackDay #OhioRxDisposal
  • Don’t forget to clean out your medicine cabinet this spring! To learn more log onto #OhioRxDisposal
  • Looking for a collection site for #DEATakeBackDay? Log onto to find a location near you! #OhioRxDisposal
  • Safely dispose of your leftover prescription medications #OhioRxDisposal
  • The next DEA Take Back Day is on October 27, 2018 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM #DEATakeBackDay #OhioRxDisposal
  • Next Saturday I’m cleaning out my medicine cabinet for #DEATakeBackDay Will you? OhioRxDisposal
  • DEA Take Back Day is important to (Insert Coalition/Organization name)! Looking for an event near you? Log on to